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It is able to connect as a Master device to various types of Continuous Glucose Monitor systems and display their values on the screen. This is the main way that most people usually patients with Type 1 Diabetes will use the app. This is a great way for parents and care-givers to be able to remotely monitor loved ones and patients.

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Tap Extra Options. Deactivate treatments and Back-fill data. Option Alert on failures should also be deactivated. In order for the values to be equal, you should activate Send the displayed glucose value. Pay attention: Auto-correction sometimes tend to change i to capital letter. You must use only lowercase letters when typing info.

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To use it safely, there are a few points to be aware of:. To learn more about the details and reasons for these recommendations read the complete article published by Tim Street at www. For second and following transmitters see Extend transmitter life below. Put in serial of new transmitter on the transmitter packaging or on the back of the transmitter.

Be careful not to confuse 0 zero and O capital letter o. Same is true for transmitters with serial no. To prevent difficulties starting sensors it is highly recommended to extend transmitter life before day of first usage.

Use of transmitters serial no. Running sensor session will be stopped when extending transmitter life.

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So, extend before sensor change or be aware that there will be a new 2 h warm-up phase. Switch to the engineering mode :. Go to the G5 debug settings and make sure Use the OB1 collector is enabled. After approx.

This will set sensor days to 0 without the need to start a new sensor. Wait until this goes - usually within a few minutes.

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Put the old transmitter far away to prevent reconnection. Put in serial of new transmitter. Wait 15 minutes as the transmitter should communicate several times with xDrip before new sensor is started. Battery data will be shown below Firmware information. If you miss this step and have these functions enabled the new sensor will not start properly. For new Firefly transmitters serial no. Latest status is not always shown correctly on bottom of startscreen.

AndroidAPS latest. If you must use preemptive restarts, then make sure you insert at a time of day where you can observe the change and calibrate if necessary. If you are restarting sensors, either do it without the factory calibration for safest on days 11 and 12, or ensure you are ready to calibrate and keep an eye on variation. Pre-soaking of the G6 with factory calibration is likely to give variation in .

If you do pre-soak, then to get bestyou will probably need to calibrate the sensor. Turn original Dexcom receiver off if used. Stop sensor manually via hamburger menu. Transmitter days will be set to 0 after successful extension and start of sensor.

Remove transmitter and sensor if replacing sensor Put the old transmitter far away to prevent reconnection. Insert new sensor only if replacing. Put transmitter into sensor - Do not start sensor immediately! Restart sensor disable!

Clean contacts transmitter backside with alcohol and let air-dry. Start Sensor For new Firefly transmitters serial no. Set time inserted To use G6 Native mode you must wait for the 2 hour warm up i. Readings may be very erratic.

Therefore, this is not recommended. Enter Sensor code on the peel-off foil of the sensor Keep code for further reference i. Swipe left once to see second screen.

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Transmitter will be shown as Dexcom?? Wait about 5 min. Details can be found on screenshots .