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Penisringe bieten viele Vorteile. Mit einem Penisring, wie beispielsweise aus dem Penisring Set No 25 von Sono kannst du beispielsweise deine sexuelle Performance verbessern. Da die Penisringe wasserfest sind, kann man sie vielseitig einsetzen. Du musst den Penisring nur um dein Glied legen, am besten eng an der Peniswurzel. If you order before 5pm, you will receive your package the next day.

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For those looking to spice up your sex life, cock rings are a great option. Cock rings are as the name suggests, a solid ringor elastic bandtypically made from materials like metal, silicone, or rubber that you put on the base of your penis, or for greater effect, behind the balls.

Penis rings work by restricting blood flow which can make you naturally harder and increase sensation. Learning how to use a cock ring can help you to get started on a more exciting sex life! Extra Stamina — Probably the most popular reason people choose to use a cock ring is for the benefit of lasting longer in bed.

The added pressure around the base of your penis helps you to build up to your orgasm for a longer period of time. Stronger Orgasms — This added pressure and prolonged sex will also let you peak at a higher level meaning an orgasm much more intense than you would typically encounter.

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Harder Erections — By restricting the blood flow out of the penis, cock rings help to hold your erections rock solid. Before we start, you will need to experiment with multiple rings and sizes to see that tightness works well for you. For this, we recommend a cock ring set or adjustable ban d. But to get started, you will need:. Make sure that your penis ring is tight and snug, but not uncomfortable to use for an extended period. For first-timers, opt for a penis ring multi-sized set or adjustable band.

These will let you experiment with a variety of sizes to help you find a level that is comfortable and effective. This step should be done while the penis is soft or semi-soft. For fixed or metal rings, you can also add a bit of lube to the cock ring or your penis. This will make sliding it on and off more comfortable. For beginners, you can use your penis ring in this position. Pay attention to the tightness of your band and adjust accordingly. You want it to be tight, yet comfortable. For extra stimulation or for more advanced users, continue to step 4.

This step can be tricky. You can slip one ball through at a time, or pull the band and loosen it.

It is best to do this while your penis is soft. Once the band is behind the balls and in place, you can allow your penis to harder. During play or sex, be mindful of your body and overall comfort. Your cock ring should enhance your sexual experience, not detract from it. After you finish, simply stretch and remove the penis ring.

For a band, you can also add a bit of lube and roll it off. It is important to remove the ring after use, or after wearing it for 30 minutes to be safest. While you are still learning how to use a cock ring take your time and go slowly.

If you find it to be too difficult, bump up to the larger size cock ring. The important thing is to make things are tight and snug, but not uncomfortable. When you are learning how to use a cock ring for the first time it is important to choose a beginner-friendly ring. I want to talk about how to use elastic cock rings because they are the most versatile. The Pro Sensual Cock Ring Set is one of my top recommendations for people still learning how to use a cock ring.

For first-timers, it is a simple de, durable, and flexible. The rings are soft, stretchy, and easy to roll on. This means you avoid a lot of the tugging and hair-pulling discomfort you can run into with other styles.

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Another style to try is adjustable cock ring bands. These are our top choice because of their flexibility and straightforward way to use. Overall, they are a great training tool when learning how to use a cock ring. Adjustable bands are great for people who are still learning how to use a cock ring because they let you adjust the size and tightness exactly to how you seem fit and lock in a size. They are also one of the safest options because they can be quickly loosened or removed if things get a bit too tight or uncomfortable. Material: Silicone Band Diameter: Variable up to 4 in.

It comes with the best cock rings in a variety of materials and styles so you can experiment and find the best cock ring for you. For even great stimulation, you can also experiment with kink and advanced penis rings. These cock rings the entire penis and balls and exert pressure to provide even more sensation.

For those still learning how to use a cock ring these might be more of a challenge. But for the advanced user by all means! These types of sets are meant to be stretched over the entire penis, and the rings around the balls.

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Similarly, ball and shaft rings allow you to slide wie benutzt man ein penisring balls and penis through one continuous ring loop. This style band is for the more experienced user. For more advanced users who already know how to use a cock ring, you can also experiment with metal rings.

These are a bit more expensive, and because of their solid build do not flex, and therefore will give you an even more powerful effect. Metal rings are worth building up to after you get a bit of experience under your belt, and can really take things to the next level. To get an extra level of stimulation, Cock Ring Prostate plug combos can be the extra kick you never could have imagined. They work by wrapping the ring around the cock and balls and stimulate the prostate in a push-pull motion.

In addition to the multi-sized sets, you also have a variety of other great options. Below I will list a few, but to get a full list check out a more in-depth article: The Best Cock Rings. For more in-depth guides on the best sex toys and how to use them, check out some of our other popular articles below. We make the process of using a sex toy and choosing the right one for you simple and straightforward. And there you have it! Our full guide on how to use a cock ring for the very first time. Do you have any cock rings that you like best? Do you have any tips or advice you want to add for first-time cock ring users?

Let us know in the comments below and follow us on YouTube and Facebook. Should you put cock ring on before you get erect or after. Diabetic and have trouble keeping erection so I can penetrate. Thank you. For most fixed cock rings you should put your ring on when your penis is still soft.

For beginners we recommend the adjustable ring because you can put it on and off in any situation and it gives you a bit more control. I am Bisexual male. My boyfriend loves to edge me for real explosive orgasm. Can I use a cock ring and have him edge me? Share on: Share this content Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window. Quick Jump.

Choose a Comfortable Cock Ring Size Make sure that your penis ring is tight and snug, but not uncomfortable to use for an extended period. Allow your Penis to Soften and Remove After you finish, simply stretch and remove the penis ring. Things to Remember When Using a Penis Ring While you are still learning how to use a cock ring take your time and go slowly. Adjustable Cock Rings: 2 Pack. Cock Ring Starter Pack: 4 Styles. Cock-Ball Double Band.