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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. Twoo has a consumer rating of 1. Consumers complaining about Twoo most frequently mention fake profiles, address and contact list problems. Twoo ranks rd among Dating sites.

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Pyramyd Air. United States. United Kingdom. All Stores Register. Twoo Reviews Reviews 2. Write A Review It only takes 30 seconds! Reviews We collate all the best reviews from around the Internet so you can view them in one place. When I ed this site, I was looking for stimulating company to talk with. I used my own pictures.

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I'm a bodybuilder and am proud of my body so I have many shirtless picture of myself up. I am a man, and according to my lawyers and other legal agencies it is NOT illegal for a man to post shirtless pictures of himself. However, this company has told me they are "pornographic" - which I have been assured by many different agencies that they are NOT. Meanwhile, it is perfectly acceptable for other twoo erfahrungen to use shirtless pictures, pictures of the sky, rainbows, birds, and everything else under the sun which does NOT show their face clearly.

This company has someone who works there and they do not give out their names who takes great delight in editing my pictures so that they are rendered absolutely useless. I have been informed that this is illegal and I have my lawyers on this case even as I write. They are hypocrites in the truest sense of the word. They allow blatant pictures of some, but not others. This one moderator seems to have it in for me, and is breaking every law in the book.

When I provide them with proof and evidence of their illegal activities, I'm met with a generic response and nothing ever changes. This site is under investigation by many parties for their blatant favoritism towards some and the punishment of others. I have attached two photos. You can see the insanity of their cropping and editing. This company although is being investigatedis a fascist site who punish the innocent, yet turn a blind eye to others. It is repulsive and repugnant, and my lawyers and the European Better Business Bureau among other companies are investigating this matter thoroughly.

They are the furthest thing from it. I have sent complimentary, pleasant and nice messages to people. Do you know where that got me? First, they blocked me for an hour. Second, they blocked me for 24 hours. Third, they blocked me twoo erfahrungen 48 hours and the only reason that I was ever given was "There was too much negative feedback on your. How can me being friendly, encouraging, and complimentary lead others to mark me as "negative feedback?

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They are a repulsive, repugnant company with zero consistency. They punish the innocent yet turn a blind eye and let others get away with murder.

I deleted my entire from that rat hole of a site. It is truly the most unprofessional site I have ever witnessed on the web. But I am having the last twoo erfahrungen. They think I am long gone, but i have so many agencies investigating them, that it would make your head spin. They conduct illegal activities and "powertrip" on those who don't fall into their ideas. There are dozens of people who work there, and there are dozens of different rules for others. Depending on who happens to be working on a particular day, all could be fine These people don't realize how inificant their petty little lives are, so they take it out their innocent customers.

I used to be a super nice guy before I ed that hole.

None of them are on the same level and they are like mice in a maze, and nobody knows what the other is doing. I honestly felt like I was walking on eggshells every second I was there. Not knowing what I could say, or to who I could say it to. As I mentioned, what one moderator told me was perfectly acceptable, was a huge no-no for the next moderator and I was consequently barred.

Twoo reviews

They don't work with each other, they work against each other. Little wonder all their customers are so damn confused as to what they can or cannot say. Each of the dozens of moderators send mixed messages. Believe me - you just cannot win at that pathetic site.

Now they will respond with a nice, sugar-coated message to make themselves appear like a good company. When all they are are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Avoid this site like the plague. Scam, scam, scam of all kinds: sob stories and asking for money, girls who have brother who is a talented investor and he will teach you to invest, webcam girls who try to find new clients. Twoo is so messy! I decided to reenter the dating scene and Twoo reeled me in via .

Hands down, it's the biggest time-waster I have ever dealt with. Don't waste your time on vain efforts to find a gem there and also don't waste our money on scammers, catfishers and pack of crooks running this site. Perhaps it used to be more credible a few years ago, but it's not the case any longer.

Since when does someone wanting to talk to you mean that they have sent you a message? TWOO's large of boring women with no interest in starting a conversation, have made the site make up their own non-existent messages. Almost every day you are being notified that "Anna has just sent you a message", but when you enter the site you quickly realize that it's a "white lie". In fact Anna supposedly only "wants to talk to someone", and it's not necesarily you at all.

Twoo review

And I doubt Anna herself even knows about it. Because as soon as you start talking to the person in question she is nothing like the site has presented her. It is just a twoo erfahrungen woman with no interest in anything. This only creates a crywolf-scenario where if someone really were interested in talking to you, you wouldn't be able to notice it because by now you only expect fake messages.

Expect to be sent close up pictures of penises and masterbating videos by virultually every male They are all looking for free sex If you are looking for love then dont even bother with this dating site. As a female you are purely used as something for the men to chat with whilst they masterbate.

And your presence as a female is how the app makes its money. Even after reporting this activity numerous times these profiles are NEVER removed and the support is non existant instead they tell me to stop messaging them and block the screen dump on their messenger function. I i know this time there have many fake girl. But all girl not fake i am a bangladeshi girl.

I am twoo erfahrungen a free profile. Thank you for Twoo.

My verdict after 6 months of using Twoo is: it's a total and outrageous scam. Bots and fakes and scammers - their task is to make you pay and con you twoo erfahrungen of your money. Just like many others I made this mistake and paid for membership to find out that there were no real people, just bots who made me believe lots of girls liked me. Twoo is a con company: you get instant likes and messages, but you can't see who writes you most likely it's a bot, using hot photos of porn stars to seduce you and they write you a misleading one-line nonsense.

Thumbs-down for Twoo! I have met three scammers on this website. They use fake photos and lie about who they are. They ask for money eventually. Some say that their wives had car accidents. I regret having engaged with Twoo. It's worthless site. Absolute money grubbers! They aim at making you a paying member and then put you on recurring payments. It's boring even if you have absolutely nothing to do with your time.

I suspect that the majority of "women" I corresponded with on Twoo were created by bots. They had totally fake photos and they only wanted to talk about abstract feelings, never mentioning anything about themselves. It looked like they were writing this nonsense to everyone just to get milk people for money. If I had to put my two cents in, I would recommend staying away from Twoo.