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As part of a series of editorials about transgender experiences, we are featuring personal stories that reflect the strength, diversity and challenges of the community.

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Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits. Loren Cameron. But none of this has prepared us for Loren Cameron's amazing portraits of transsexuals.

Beautifully reproduced and complemented with notes and short essays, these portraits of women who are now men may startle, but they will also make you marvel at the genuine complexities of life, sex, and desire. Body Alchemy might have been a curiosity, like Diane Arbus's photographs of those outside the physical and cultural mainstream, but Cameron's art is so empathetic, so precise, that we are left in awe and with a new understanding of the realities of being human.

Queer Transgender Gender Nonfiction More Details. Loren Cameron 2 books 3 followers.

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Search review text. The strengths of this book are its photos of female-to-male transsexuals.

One short section has photos showing the aftermath of top surgery and bottom surgery metoidioplasty and phalloplasty. For me, the most interesting section showcases photos taken before and after transitioning--the effects of testosterone therapy are pretty amazing.

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This book is a fascinating window on some very interesting men who happened to be born women. This book is groundbreaking for its depection of trans mens bodies long before anyone else had a book like this out there.

Unfortunatly it is not the best. The photography is fairly straight forward, its organization is not very interesting, only its subject hold any interest. The genital shots are useful in an instructive manner, but fall flat as a creative work, and borrow far to much from a medicalized model that are the only documentation of trans mens bodies.

Loren is a better speaker and educator on trans masculine experience than he is a photographer.

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This review does not speak for Lorens later work, just what is in this book. Aaron Israel.

This is an historically and artistically important book into lives that until quite recently were invisible to the cishetero world. For myself, as a transmasculine person, it is at once deeply triggering and empowering.

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Hearing and especially seeing trans men going through the same struggles I have prior to, during, and after transition opens a sense of community and continuity that is lacking in my daily life as someone living in a rural area. Some of the language used--particularly the difference between transsexual and transgender--has evolved since then. The surgical options have likewise evolved, and a reader considering bottom surgery especially should not be daunted solely by the discomfort expressed by certain subjects here.

Powerful and brilliant collection of before and after images with brief poetic interviews and stories from persons who identify as transgender illustrating their transformation. Author 7 books followers. The language Loren Cameron was using when this came out feels very, very dated right now, to the point that you'd probably call somebody out and have a confrontation if they used it in But, I mean, instead of just being kind of a faded photograph or whatever, trans loren actually throws into relief what an intense time the nineties were to be a trans man: how few your role models were, how uncharted the life in front of you looked, how free and constrained you were, socially, at the same time.

Plus, there's no way to deny the defiant charge running through all these photos. I don't see the hype. Seeing that it's out of print now, I pined and waited to get this at the local library. I was sorely disappointed, it was little more than drivel with pictures, honestly.

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For it to be so highly esteemed, I thought there'd be some substance, but really there wasn't. Get it from a library before actually paying money for it.

I have met Loren Cameron and he is amazing. The dichotomy between maleness and femaleness in seeing FTM's that chose not to fully have surgery like Cameron is very interesting.

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