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If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact our Pierced Customer Service and we will help answer your questions. You know what type you want and picked out the coolest piercing jewellery. The apparent lack of difference between piercing the left or right side of the nose can lead to choice paralysis. The difference seems trivial, and the outcome of piercing either side is similar enough, that neither option is obviously better. This can make it difficult to choose. As a rule, the best side for a nose piercing is whichever you prefer!

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The Piercing Dictionary With Pictures! Humans have been piercing their noses for over years! From subtle nostril rings to statement septum bars, nose piercings have represented different things for different cultures for centuries it's even referenced in the Bible! Now, nose piercings are a mainstream part of Western society Disclaimer: Everybody's body is different; the diagrams included in this article may not accurately reflect the structure of your nose or face.

Some of these piercings may not be be possible in every individual person's nose. In any situation, the best piercing advice will come from a consultation with a professional piercer - they can provide you with accurate information regarding your comments, questions, or concerns piercing möse piercing. From austin bar to vertical tip piercings, Body Candy's got your back or your nose in this case!

We're here to help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to your nose piercings.

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Austin Bar. Location : an austin bar piercing is performed horizontally through the tip of the nose. The austin bar does not go through the septum and is not exposed within the nasal cavities it would otherwise be known as a nasallang. Recommended Jewelry: straight barbell, potentially made of bioplast.

Due to the rarity of this piercing, consult your professional piercer for more information on jewelry suitable for your anatomy. Healing Time: anywhere from two 2 to three 3 months. A vertical bridge piercing is known as a "third eye. Recommended Jewelry: straight barbell - may eventually be able to accommodate curved barbellshorseshoe rings, or BCRs. Healing Time: Anywhere from two 2 to three 3 months. As this is a surface piercing, there is a high rate of rejection. There is also a high risk of scarring.

High Nostril.

Location: a high nostril piercing is similar to a regular nostril piercing, but performed higher up on the nasal bridge. Because of its high location on the bridge of the nose, a typical nose ring is not possible in this piercing.

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Recommended Jewelry: Nose studsnose screws, or L-shaped nose rings. Healing Time: Anywhere from six 6 to nine 9 months.

High nostril piercings are ificantly harder to heal than regular nostril piercings. Multiple Nostril. Location: nostrils can be pierced multiple times in sequence for a "layered" look. This look can be accomplished with either studs or rings.

Healing Time: Anywhere from four 4 to six 6 months. Location: a nasallang piercing is performed through both nostrils and the septum. A piercer will insert the needle through one nostril, continue through piercing möse septum, and finally exit through the other nostril. Unlike an austin bar, a nasallang travels through the septum and is visible in the nasal cavity. Recommended Jewelry: straight piercing möse. Due to the rarity of this piercing, consult your professional piercer for jewelry that is suitable for your anatomy. Healing Time: Anywhere from three 3 to nine 9 months.

Can be done in multiples next to or above one another. Recommended Jewelry: nose ringsnose screws, L-shaped nose rings, nose studs, BCRs, or horseshoe rings. Healing Time: anywhere from four 4 to six 6 months. Location: A septril piercing is located t hrough the "fistula" healed tunnel of flesh of a stretched septum piercingand exits on the outside of the nose, usually just below the tip.

This piercing requires a stretched septum worn with a curved barbell, in conjunction with a nose bone and an eyelet. When piercing, the needle goes through the septum piercing and exits through tip of nose. Recommended Jewelry: Flat-back stud jewelry or small curved barbells.

Custom-size tunnels or eyelets can be worn in the stretched portion of the septum. The septril itself can also be stretched using small acrylic or titanium plugs. Healing Time: healing time will vary per person depending on the state of the fistula before piercing - consult your professional piercer for more information specific to your body. Location: a septum piercing is located in the thin piece of tissue between your nostrils.

Ideally, there will be a portion of flesh called the columella aka: "the sweet spot" for the piercer to go through. Every nose is different, and not everyone has a columella.

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In that case, the piercer will have to go through cartilage. Healing Time: one 1 to three 3 months. Third Eye. Location: a third eye piercing is a surface piercing located between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. Unlike a bridge piercing, a third eye piercing is performed vertically. Symmetry is very important in this piercing. Recommended Jewelry: dermal or microdermal. Location: a vertical tip or "rhino" piercing goes vertically through the tip of your nose, from piercing möse "top" of your nose to just underneath near the septum.

Recommended Jewelry: curved barbell. Rook piercings have a reputation as being a slower healer. Close menu. Belly Ring Monthly Club. Handcrafted Belly Rings. Belly Chains. Glow and Mood. Just Girly Things.

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