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See Today's Synonym. No Nut November is a joke internet challenge where men give up busting a nut —whether via masturbation fap or intercourse—for the entire month of November. No Nut November is a challenge that originated on the internet, and it requires men to give up ejaculating for the entire month of November.

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History of no nut november

An annual challenge encouraging men to refrain from masturbating or even, for many, having any sex for the month, No Nut November was initially created as a parody of internet-borne phenomena such as the Ice Bucket Challenge or Movember, skewering the silliness of viral internet challenges along with the more extreme claims made by proponents of NoFap, an anti-porn subreddit with half a million members.

For most participants, the challenge is essentially an excuse to shitpost, as well as tweet memes skewering some of the more exaggerated purported benefits of abstaining from masturbation.

Because the challenge is associated with abstaining from porn, some people associated with the movement have taken the extra step of harassing adult performers on social media, giving it an additional layer of troubling implications. A new meme brings these implications into sharp relief. Then, in late October, the coomer resurfaced thanks to a Twitter campaign led by a user named TeapotLadin which users vowed to change their avatars to the coomer should they fail No Nut November.

What is no nut november?

It literally re-wires your brain and causes erectile dysfunction. Take the pledge. The best argument against NoNutNovember? Jerking off 21 times for Movember! Clinical research says frequent masturbation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by a third.

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But the implication is clear: masturbating is an urge that should be resisted at all costs. Ley has partnered with the cam website Stripchat to do AMAs about sexual health, and plans to appear in one debunking some of the myths associated with No Nut November. The idea that there are ificant health benefits from abstaining from masturbation is partially based on the primarily internet-propagated theory that semen retention is linked to an increase in testosterone and male virility, an idea that has been widely debunked.

The organizers of NoFap have strongly refuted any connection to the Proud Boys. An even more extremist version of this far-right anti-masturbation philosophy has been promoted by David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan, who has propagated the conspiracy theory that Jews dominate the porn industry and use pornography as a way to control white men. On far-right thre on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, this sentiment is fairly widespread.

What are the rules of no nut november?

Because anti-porn and anti-masturbation movements tend to be comprised of young heterosexual malesthey could potentially be viewed by some on the far right as ideal recruitment grounds. Of course, it goes without saying that not everyone who participates in No Nut November or NoFap is a white supremacist or religious fundamentalist, and that the founders of these groups explicitly reject any suggestions of overlap between the two communities.

We are not anti-porn. We are not anti-woman.

The coomer meme is also, at least inherently, apolitical, says Alice Vaughn, host of Two Girls One Mic, a podcast about porn tropes. Usually, this phenomenon is attributed to male millennials and zoomers members of Gen Z spending more time watching porn, and to an extent this may be true; when it comes to determining the effects of pornography viewing on male sex lives, research is somewhat mixed.

Considering that annual Pornhub traffic s are in the tens of billionsif there is indeed a wider porn conspiracy to sap men of their virility, that conspiracy appears to be working pretty well. Editors note: This story has been updated to include comment from NoFap and the creator of the No Nut November subreddit, as well as to clarify the masturbation stance of NoFap. Rolling Stone is a part of Penske Media Corporation.

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No nut november: everything you should know

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