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How do our once beautiful phone cases start to look so bad? Since we use our phones every single day, they become exposed to environmental conditions such as UV radiation, humidity, heat, dust, friction, etc. This puts constant wear and tear on their surfaces, which can result in stains. This is especially true since your cell phone might be dirtier than a toilet seat. Here we list different methods for how to clean phone cases, depending on what type of phone case you possess:.

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subscribers my dirty mobile get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. We have already shown you how to clean your keyboard without breaking itbut did you know your smartphone can be just as dirty and covered with bacteria? Here is how to properly clean your smartphone. Cell Phones have been repeatedly found to be one of the most disgusting things we regularly touch. In many tests, cell phones have tested to contain more germs than a toilet seat. Can you hear me now? If you are going to reach out and touch someone your phone, make sure you rethink possibilities and clean your smartphone the right way.

Household chemicals and disinfectants are too harsh for most smartphones. These cleaners are guaranteed to stain your phone or remove the finish. Start by turning off your phone by holding the power button or finding an option in the phone to turn off or swap the battery. Be careful when removing a screen protector because the peeling action can cause cracks to spread. If you have major screen cracks it is recommended you leave the screen protector on because it will help keep moisture out of the phone and hold the screen together until you can buy a replacement.

If you have a keyboard or keypad my dirty mobile cleaning it with a cotton swab dipped in diluted rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to rub too hard and not to get any rubbing alcohol inside the phone or under the keyboard. Next move to the rest of the phone plastics.

For large areas like the battery cover it is fine to use rubbing alcohol. If you have metal trim on your phone, use a water dampened cotton swab instead of rubbing alcohol. Once the outside is clean, use a dry cotton swab to clean out any dust under the battery cover. If you have any stubborn areas under the battery cover, use a very small amount of distilled water to clean it.

How to clean phone cases – 5 types: silicone, plastic, wood, leather, rubber

Immediately dry any parts you clean with water so nothing gets inside the phone. Dampen a cotton swab with water and clean your camera lens and flash using a spinning motion. Now that the major portions of the phone have been cleaned, flip the screen over and dampen your lint-free microfiber cloth. My dirty mobile the screen in single strokes from the earpiece down to the microphone.

This motion will keep from spreading dirt into your earpiece. Be very careful if you have a cracked screen because removing a screen protector or wiping the screen with pressure can cause the crack to spread. You may also want to forgo the damp cloth and just use a dry one to prevent any moisture from getting under the screen.

Some low-end and older phones have plastic screens that can easily scratch. Make sure you use light pressure when cleaning your screen to stop scratches from forming.

If you removed your screen protector, follow the directions that came with the protector to apply a new one after cleaning. If you have an iPhone, remember that the front and back might be made of glass so clean both sides the same way. Give the phone a few minutes to dry, then re-assemble and turn it back on.

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You should now have a clean phone without those nasty germs. If you use a leather case or pouch you can use leather cleaner deed to clean and moisturize leather. The cleaner can be purchased at many automotive, online, and discount stores. You will want to follow the specific directions on the leather cleaner to make sure your leather is clean and conditioned.

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How to clean your phone the right way, according to experts

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You should clean your phone more often than you think

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