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Having sex for the first time can be a little nerve-racking, no matter who you are or who you want to have sex with. For example, they could identify as bisexualpansexual, queer, or even heterosexual. It also includes other people who have vaginas, people with penises, and people with intersex genitalia. Heterosexual couples, for example, may have oral, manual, or penetrative sex. It all depends on the couple and what they like to do.

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All of this le to a lot of confusion and misinformation, which can make it daunting for women who are ready to take the plunge. A recent study conducted by Dr. Gerulf Rieger from the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex in England concluded that, unlike men, most women are either gay or bisexual — but rarely straight.

Take the time to get to know your own erogenous zones from your nipples to your clitoris to your g-spot. Experiment with different techniques and find out what gets your blood pumping. If it feels good to you, chances are that it will feel good to someone else as well. All of which can deliver an incredible amount of pleasure when stimulated appropriately.

Even women who are no stranger to self-pleasuring can learn things they never knew about their lady parts through a little research and exploration.

An insider's guide to sleeping with another woman for the first time

Good sex is almost always the result of good communication, so finding someone that you can trust and be open with is key. Misconceptions like these are just one of the many reasons we need to make sex ed queer! STIs can be transmitted between female sexual partners through skin-to-skin contact, mucosa contact e. The good news is that safe sex practices for lesbian sex are a lot like safe sex practices for straight sex.

First and most importantly, you and your partner should both get screened for STIs so that you both know your status. Use dental dams or a split-open condom for oral sex, latex or nitrile gloves for digital stimulation, condoms every time you use a shared sex toy.

Nothing kills the mood like taking risks with your sexual health. Make sure you and your partner enjoy your first time by taking the proper precautions. The sex that you see in porn videos is being performed by actors who are being paid to make you believe that it feels as good as it looks. Just adjust accordingly and keep going.

What to know about lesbian sex

Communication is a two-way street. Just like you want your partner to enjoy herself, she wants you to feel good as well. You may be feeling concerned about pleasing your partner or be nervous about sharing your body so intimately with another person.

Whatever your feelings, just know that they are perfectly normal.

Take time to figure out if your worries are red flags telling you to pump the breaks or just the normal jitters that come with doing something new. A good rule of thumb is that anything that makes you worry about your own health and safety is something that you should take another look at.

Just make sure that you are taking the time to listen to yourself and to get your head straight about your feelings before you have sex. Now all you need to do is savor the moment.

Light some candles to set the mood, play some soft music, give each other a sexy massage — basically, do things that will help you take the edge off and get into the right hepace. Sharing a glass or two of wine with your partner is fine, but drinking to the point of intoxication is not a great idea for your first time.

6 lesbian sex positions that will maximize your pleasure

If you want to ensure that the sounds coming from your partner are moans of pleasure and not of pain, skip the acrylics and reach for the nail clippers instead. One of the best things about having sex with another woman is that, while a man usually needs some time to recharge after an orgasm, many women are able to have multiple orgasms without needing any downtime in between.

This means that lesbian women have the opportunity for marathon sex sessions that can last for hours. To keep you and your partner feeling comfortable, make sure that you have a quality lube on hand from the get-go. The truth is that for most people their first sexual encounter — gay, straight, or otherwise — is kind of awkward.

The 18 best lesbian sex positions for a next-level orgasm

You and your partner will get a hang of it in no time. Are there any that you think we should add? FREE Sample. Tags Sexual Wellness Relationship role play scenarios Role play ideas Role playing in marriage Role play for beginners Role play ideas for the bedroom new sex toys best new sex toys best sex toys for women vibrator sex toy womanizer sex toy modern sex toys testosterone levels sleep disorders sleep deprivation sleep problems mental health circadian clock sleepiness sleep schedule mood hormone men and women sleep cycle happy relationship relationship strategies lesbens sex relationship satisfaction compliment your partner be vulnerable listen to your partner perform favors relationship check-ins talk about sex Relationship Trends Dating Trends Sex Trends new year trends trends Relationship tips Sex tips online dating dating apps.