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Vicky and Stephy. Attached Thumbnails. Welcome back ladies, it was only a few weeks ago I revisited your old site to re download some videos. Originally Posted by Vicky and Stephy.

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Vicky love in «afrodita and vicky love, debutants share a stallion - rimming ladies 3 11/13/19»

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jul 23, 141, Hi all, It seemed a shame to just wipe all your good discussion from the thread so its been moved to a new discussion thread you can find here Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content! Pit Survivor. Aug 11, 1 14 As requested the start of a Vicky Stark thread Last edited by a moderator: Feb 28, Aug 11, 37 1, 1, High Table.

Aug 8, 1, 40, 2, Last edited by a moderator: Jul 10, Aug 20, 32 Last edited: Aug 22, Aug 13, 15, 1, Reactions: liafanDthielcriscrisgr2 and 13 others. Reactions: liafanDthielcriscrisgr2 and 28 others. Reactions: Dthielcriscrisgr2Rooney10 and 22 others. Reactions: felixxxmanRooney10Teletubie and 26 others.

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D'Souza Pimp High Table. Sep 17, 5 The mega folder contains all the videos before February of this year.

The videos have been encoded to H format. It reduces the size of the file but the quality remains the same. It just requires more processing to play. Originally the size was 25 GB, now its only 11 GB. Reactions: criscrisgr2Rooney10Peace Love Sexe and 21 others. Sep 22, 24 2, 1, Hey Guys, I have been the main contributor over 40, likes on the now dead forums for the past year or so. Guess we're over here now.

I even see Mr Drake here has been using some of my links in the posts above ; Anyway here is her latest video, released a couple days ago. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 2, Reactions: liafanDthielfelixxxman and others. Aug 19, 1 Caught a slip.

Reactions: liafanDthielcriscrisgr2 and 17 others. Aug 31, 6 We have a couple of slips in the last clip, definitely she is improving her contents.

Vicky love in «ladies in action - vicky love»

Reactions: liafanDthielcriscrisgr2 and 15 others. Apr 22, 12 Remember when she said she would never go nude?

I miss those days zoom in. Last edited: Sep 29, Reactions: liafanDthielcriscrisgr2 and 34 others.

Reactions: liafanfelixxxmancriscrisgr2 and 95 others. So Vicky films and uplo her videos to Dropbox at x 4K.

Since she disables downlo on Dropbox, the only way to watch her videos is to stream them. However, Dropbox has a maximum quality of p for streaming which annihilates the video coz their compression is shithouse. I have to use IDM to download her videos which can only grab the highest quality Dropbox has to offer the p stream. She also has been recording at 60fps recently which when compressed takes up a whole bunch of the bitrate which further makes her videos look shit.

Vicky stark and forum climate

So basically, there is definitely the posibility of 4K videos but Vicky needs to change her hosting site. I here what we paying subscribers get access to, if anyone claims to be able to get higher quality then they are either 1. Lying or 2.

Somehow have access to her personal computer. Reactions: felixxxmanOrangeTeletubie and 21 others.

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