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Expat q&a forums in germany

Town Talk. Create thread. Trendy Neighborhoods. There is a nice opprtunity for you which i could provide you more information about if you are still interested. German Law on Kids right to make noise. German society is so against children being children. Chill and let your son evolve, enjoy his childhood.

If push comes to shove Areas to live in??? Hi Paulette, we moved here to Nuremberg after living 10 years in Singapore. I think for you guys St. Let me know if you need help. Need participants for survey. Hey everybody, a friend of mine is urgently searching for participants on a survey about expats. Thus, for this survey, employees currently living and working in a foreign country outside of their home country for longer than at least one year are of central interest.

Completing the survey will take between …. The anonymity of your data is fully guaranteed and all information will be kept strictly confidential. We will be happy to share the of the survey with you in case of interest please send us a separate e-mail …. To access the survey, please : … Thank you in advance! Understanding this process can help expatriates to learn about their situation, as well as to show international companies how and in which areas they can support their employees and families.

To be able to carry out my study I need your help. I am seeking input from Expats working for defined period of time in other country on international asment. Your perspective is crucial and can help us to understand this adaptation process more in depth. If you choose to participate, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link in your browser to access the online survey: … The ladies forum nürnberg takes approx. The language used is English. Of course, you will receive, if desired, a report with the of this study.

The survey is completely anonymous. We ensure that the information submitted to us will remain confidential. We will evaluate the data without name and address. Should you need any further information about this study, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance for your time and best regards from Paderborn! Request for support for going native study. EU proiect.

In ce consta mai exact interviul? Cu drag as putea sa va impartasesc cateva experiente personale. O seara frumoasa? Military Vets in Germany.

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Learn the language. Go to the Arbeitsamt and ask about the possibilities. You may be qualified for some free schooling depending upon your status. Use the discipline you learned and that will take you far here.

Need ant who understands US tax laws. Didn't realize they were intrnational Thanks so much! Help to settle down in Nuremberg.

Nuremberg expat q&a

Hello Christine, thanks for the information. Regards Francesco. Survey for expats - I need your help for my thesis. I guess there is some Problem with your link Canadians in Germany. Hello everyone, my name's Christine and I am from Germany, born in Nuremberg, studying in Freiburg and living a lot of the times also in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I had such an awesome time in Vancouver! I would love to return some of the canadian politeness and help people getting used to german culture :D just contact me if you would like to get some help ; many greetings, Christine.

Relocating to Nuremberg for 4 months. Bucher Str. You might be a … walk to the castle or a short tram ride. You can also try Hanse Merkur, ……it was recommended to us. Hi Lesja, The city does a very good job in asing a day care, look it up here unfortunately in German : … The registration day of this year I believe is already over, but if you'd go there and tell them you need a place I believe they'll try their best to get you one if there are still places available.

You might also go for the private ladies forum nürnberg care not run by the government, here's a website of all the day care that of the states as well as private. In general the private day cares are more expensive and there is no difference in terms of the quality of care.

Tax adviser I need a VAT ! Hi Greta, If you have a German residence with your freelance activity registered at the local tax authority and do your tax declaration here in Germany, you must apply for a VAT registration … 9digits starting with "DE". This you can get via this web … These s are put in an European data base and customers must check online the registration. I hope this can help you out.

Otherwise I recommend to go to Steuerberater to get advice. These VAT things crossing boundaries are sometimes a bit tricky. I once worked in Switzerland as a German for an English company. You can imagine High School for teenage English speaking. Joachim, Thank you for the response.

Yes, I didn't mention my two teens are boys and yes, their dynamics are certainly different. I spoke with a director of one of the Gymnasiums and she echoed pretty much what you stated about the prep exams for college - and they are only in German. Thank you again for the advice. Minimume accepted Salary for a small family. International banking? Hi I still haven't tried the solution but will likely do next time I have a transfer to make.

The method is quite different look on the website. Can't vouch for them I still have not tried but review seem fine! Need a German-English rental contract translator. Rental and tenancy law is a complex minefield in Germany.