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If you're in a long distance relationshipeither for the long-haul or temporarily, you'll need to get creative if you want to get off Thankfully, between phone sex, steamy video chats, and sexting the night away, there are plenty of ways to keep your sex life alive TG for smartphones, amiright? And the latest virtual sex toys can send your pleasure levels to another planet. Long-distance sex toys are more popular than ever, says Laurie MintzPhD, a therapist, professor of human sexuality at the University of Florida, author of Becoming Cliterate. Virtual sex toys are great tools for breaking out of a sexual rut, she says, whether you're using them from the next room or across the world. Long-distance sex toys, or Wi-Fi sex toys, are also a healthy way to be more attentive and accepting of how your partner likes to orgasm, says Dr.

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Enhance your Lioness experience with long-lasting lubrication, CBD intimate serums, tote bags, stickers, and more. Learn more about how and why we started our company. See what's different about our line of health food products. New snacks on sale now for a limited time! Why have an analog sex toy that just buzzes at you when you can have one that can do much more?

Interactive sex toys are a type of high-tech, smart sex toy that can be:. Lioness is a smart sex toy developed primarily for people with vulvas though it is safe for anal play, too.

It also has an AI heatmap you can use after the session so you can see peak moments of arousal and orgasm, which is especially helpful if you want to see how your experiences change over time. Kiiroo is like an interactive story time, but with VR and sex toys for all bodies.

Similar to Kiiroo and VR porn, it can sync its settings based on different parts of a story so it can change its settings during different parts of the story — from the introduction to the climax. Realdoll takes sex dolls to the next level, on both physical and interactive levels.

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Each doll comes with a hefty price tag, but that's because you're paying for the closest thing to real that you can get. Whether you customize your doll or purchase the base model, you can expect to see real life facial expressions from a life-sized, robotic sex toy that can be posed and manipulated.

The best part? The realdoll x takes it to the next level where your doll can come to life — they can move their head, blink, and talk, as well as have customized personalities.

15 sex toys that are perfect for long-distance relationships

There's also an app avatar that you can use by itself think Sims, or maybe Second Life as well as use with a hardware-enabled doll to further customize the experience. They can be used for couples in long distance relationships or public play where you can use one of the wearable vibrators and operate them in public. You can even control vibrators on camming websites as a way to interact with your favorite adult content creators, as well as pay them for providing you entertainment and pleasure.

Now that you know some of the popular interactive sex toys out there, go forth and find the perfect one for you!

Precision sensors let you literally see your arousal and orgasm. After my first foray with the Lioness Vibrator, there was no denying that orgasms were going to come easily. I lasted a whopping 2 mins and 49 seconds with the actual sex toy and found my original questions answered completely. But masturbating with the Lioness goes beyond each session. Once I opened the app and synced my session, I found I had a few more questions! We use cookies on our website to give you the best shopping experience.

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