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Wer ist online? Benutzerliste Insiderforen Alle Foren als gelesen markieren. Hello l, If you don't want to read reviews in English I suggest you stop reading nowinstead of sending me nasty PM

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Show post s from this thread on one of First Last Jump to :. But from time to time you can get very lucky on kaufmich.

Avantika sherawat

Recently I had a very good experience with Anabelxxx am I allowed to post direct links here? Maybe this was mainly based on the fact that her looks are close to being perfect for me, half asian and half whatever I think I detected some middle east features as well but am not sure.

She's definitely smart and witty and she mentioned being a student. Also the right amount of being the girl next door she came to my flat on her bycicle! There are some exciting reviews on LeaLove on a German forum, but I haven't met her. Oh and there are warnings about some blackmailing on kaufmich so don't send any pics of you no matter how alluring the hurentestforum berlin that asks for them might look.

Thats why Brothels are so easy, see what you get. Boy, I see "verkehrsberichte" as the most reliable forum for Berlin. If you can understand some German you'll find a sub section of the forum for kaufmich. Through the years I made some really nice experiences with girls from kaufmich.

And sometimes we have to be a bit adventurous. If you use common sense and take a few precautions hurentestforum berlin won't get ripped off normally.

Feel free to ask specific questions concerning girl or location! Hello, I've used Freuden haus hase a lot last, really nice and cheaper service, they have new girls on time to time and few of the regular hurentestforum berlin, I've received really nice service.

But it's a long time I haven't try any other bordell and I'm curious to know if there are any other bordell which is cheaper like 30 euros for 15 to 20 mins with nice service girls? Any suggestion for same or maybe some Independent escort? Hi, I whent yesterday to Anni Porche and liked it very much, I like the FKK you are naked and there are no rooms or cabin where you go aside withe girl, all sex is in front of every one. The girls where almost all from Bulgaria, I found 2 from Germany and they talk little english but all the other little as none and was hard at first to get in contact whith them becouse they where a lot hanging in the bar hurentestforum berlin speaking and joking with German speaking guys.

Then you learned that when one guy finish, you just lie next to her and you have her attention, tho some girls storm away. In the afternoon there where few girls in gangbang where she was sucking 3 guys and one fuking her and that was very good first time for me. In the evning the girls where very few and around 20 guys and only 3 girls and then only 2 and 8 to 10 guys and some of the guys where with the girl only for talking and did not.

Leave the girl even when there came new guys, that did not have had any sex there. I fucked most of the girls, but only had one orgasm, that was in the gangbang, last time I was here I went to Caligula and liked that place, but I like this more becouse here you put your cloths any valuble in locker, but in Caligula you needed to put on your cloths after every time.

I stay close to ku'damm ubahn, and will travel for max 20min. Or escort to my hotel.

Thank you. For sure in the evening. Another option, if it's a particular girl you want to meet, you can call I allways found somebody english speaking and ask when you can find that girl. The place did not feel so luxury as Royal and Van Kampen. Don't know if I already mentioned to you, but did you consider Liberty as an option?

Went there a few times and had great hurentestforum berlin with a girl named Chris. Not sure if it's the kind you like, lots of tatoos and stuff. I could use some help despite all the great information on this site. I will be visiting Berlin for the first time in November I don't speak German and have 2 days to enjoy the ladies.

I am a middle-aged, decent-looking guy trying to decide where I should spend my time and Euros to get the best value. Artemis seems like a good choice, but I would also like to try a Pauschal club or Partytreff. My concern with Pauschal club or Partytreff is if there are good looking girls there. Any comments or recommendations? Hurentestforum berlin think I would be more comfortable in a Pauschal club since I have not had many group activities.

However, it seems like there are some private, closed door. Is this true? Are there English speaking girls at a Pauschal or Partytreff?

I don't think Insomnia would be good as there is no guarantee of a single guy getting laid according to the info I have read. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you! Yesterday I visited. This is on second flor and when you come in you have room to the right with 2 beds, then is livingroom whit very good food and hurentestforum berlin, then there is another room with one bed.

Also there is sauna there that was good to use after you had fucked like crasy and relax. When came in there was black girl working in one of ths rooms, so after shower I whent there and got a long suck from her and fucked her face to face and doggy.

She was tall whit good fake brests and big ass, I was not possible to finish and whent in the other room. There was very good girl, with many tattos and pins in hurentestforum berlin parts, pussy, brests, face and more, I fucked her face to face and then doggy and I finaly had good orgasm with her.

I fucked 3 or four other girls there and again the black one but did not finish, one girl sucked all the men 3 or 4 at the time and let them have there cum all over her and did not stopp until she sucked all the men in the room.

I relaxed in the livingroom and the tattoed girl finished work and hurentestforum berlin to speak with me, we talked and she told me she had worked in other countrys also and for examble in Scandinavia, we talked about how the laws are diffrent like in my country that has taken up the Sweedish way.

I am very terible with names and faces and never asked for her name, but she told me she was not recular there, but I wish I had goten her name, she was relly good. If I have power to I think I will use my last 2 days to go there again, very good gangbang club.

I would also like if someone could give me infomation if there are any discos or bar I can meet normal girls that need not to be selling them selfs, just talking and meeting other people tonight, Thursday in Berlin. Thoor, Your post reconfirmed where I will spend my two nights in Berlin.

Several good reports; look in the other thread about partytreff and there is a folder with a Danish guys recent reports on the Karl Marx strasse gangbang club. English might be slightly more of a problem, but really not an issue in Berlin.

Plus you are not there to discuss post modernist literary criticism. But given you seem to wantapart from the expense, would not the better bordello apartments make more sense? You get to choose and or walk as you wish. All things being equal, choices will be better in the flats.

Or just try all as a booty sampler. A little little silicon but not in an unnatural way.

But currently she's not working in Berlin. She's travelling Germany the whole year doing the job in one town for weeks and then moving on to another town.

She might come back soon. Alexa is from Bulgaria and speaks only a little bit of german. But she speaks very well english, as she was living in the UK and Bulgarian and Russian of course. The place itself is clean and tidy with large rooms, mirrors and beds. Even some crosses are there, but might be not in use did not ask. Bath room is very small and functional but tidy. She was teasing me and responded very well to hurentestforum berlin wishes. She took care to bring some alternation in the action and to keep me on the brink of excitement.

Afterwards, when time was left, she gave me a some massage and a nice talk developed. She is definitely not one of the one-trick-pony gipsy girls, which come up to Berlin from the Balkans, but a nice mature, very well kept Bulgarian woman, with long brunette hair and a nice smile.