Erotische geschichten frei

Fremdgehen in berlin


Was ist mein Alter: 21
Hobby: Mündliche Vergnügen nur Frauen

All public cultural venues and events must be closed and canceled. We hope to be able to realize the Stadterweitern events in the near future. Please visit our for further information and subscribe to our newsletter.

Über mich

Fremdgehen invites the audience to a one-hour movement in pairs through the structure of Potsdam's inner city. In complicity with an unknown companion, a game is created between two bodies that are actually foreign to each other and an urban environment that, with the exception of a few islands or highly controversial places, already seems to be defined and fixed in its form and use.

What kind of game do urban spaces allow for different physicalities? Which physicalities make the city what it is or what it could be?

The meeting point is in the city and will be communicated to you personnally per. The support tariff is an additional contribution to support the festival and the artists.

For your safety there is a mask obligation in the entrance area and in the toilets. Ticket contingents are reduced, so that in the theatre halls the safety distance between spectators is guaranteed.

A movement in pairs through the structure of Potsdam's inner city. Share Ticket.

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