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Subscribe Now. Dec 29, Some men believe that they ejaculate too quickly during sexual activity or feel that they do not have much if any control over how quickly they ejaculate. This situation can lead to personal distres Introduction Sexual difficulties are a common and distressing side effect of prostate cancer and its treatment.

Patients who experience sexual dysfunction e.

Historically, the gender binary, or the classification of gender into two distinct, opposite forms masculine and femininewas the prevailing system of gender classification. However, not everyone i Show All Meetings. Access the Journals. You need to to acces the Journals directly.

Log in. Access Directly. Visit Now. Dec 22, The pelvic floor is a hammock-like group of muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues at the base of the pelvis that holds the pelvic organs in place.

Pelvic organs include the bladder, urethra, inte Dec 15, A sex headache also known as an orgasmic headache, benign sexual headache, coital headache, or intercourse headache is a headache that is related to sexual activity. Dec 08, It can be passed from person to person through co ISSM Webinar on. Child sexual abuse in men, trauma, and sexuality.

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