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At a genuine Fkk club the girls should be fully naked, usually just wearing high heels. A Saunaclub is basically the same, but on the whole the girls will wear knickers or other lingerie, though usually always topless, many clubs may call themselves a Fkk club, but are really classed as a Saunaclub.

Safari neu ulm fkk club

Bernds club in Hennef nearby Bonn is known by many as the mother of all Fkk clubs, as this was the first club. These clubs should not be confused with nudist spa and wellness spas and resorts, that are there for health and recreation.

Women are typically nude or topless, men may wear robes or towels. Men and women often pay the same entrance fee, including use of all facilities, food and drinks soft drinks and beer, Some clubs will admit couples. When you arrive at the reception, you are usually greeted by a friendly receptionist thekenfrau you hand over the entrance fee, she will provide you with a locker key, a robe, and normally a pair of rubber flip flops, and a towel, though at some clubs you are able to pick out your own footwear and towel once in the changing room, she may ask if it's your first time there, if so she will let you know how the club runs, and the price you pay the girls.

You head into the changing room where you get naked, put your clothes in the locker, and go and have a shower, once dried on with the robe or you can wear a towel, if you prefer, but don't wear your underwear, that's a faux pas at these clubs.

Once in the room the clock is ticking, try to wear a watch, as it helps to judge and manage your session, and be aware some ladies will try and cut your time short, and if you are a few minutes over the half hour some might want the full hour. These days a large majority of working girls in the clubs come from Romania, to be honest if it wasn't for the Romanian contingent, many clubs would of shut down.

Depending on the club you can find women from many parts of the world, a large Eastern Euro group, including Hungarians, Czech, Poles, as well as from the Balkans including Bulgaria and Former Yugoslavia, you also find a of German ladies, many of the girls who say they're Italian or Spanish are Romanian, but you do find some genuine Spanish and Latinas from South America, Africans and Asian girls to a smaller extent, and as Germany is multicultural now, you do find mixed race and half German-other ladies too.

As a rule you always pay the lady after the session, never before or during it, so no need to carry your cash on you, you might lose it, leave it either in the locker in the changing room, or in many of the clubs they have small valuable lockers by reception that you can leave cash in, after the session the girl follows you to your locker, you pay her, and no need to pay a tip, this isn't the USA. Depending on the size of the club, there will most likely be a swimming pool sjacuzzi, saunas, steam rooms, massage area, and sometimes large gardens, which are ideal in the summer.

Girls might try and find customers in the wellness area, but normally sex there especially in the sauna and pools is forbidden.

As you can stay in the clubs all day, there will be some sort of food, usually a breakfast buffet from early afternoon, and a selection of main meals at around 6pm, clubs do differ on quality of food, obviously they aren't michelin starred, but good enough, as we're there for the ladies primarily. Das 5.

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