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Germany is famous for a lot of things; sausages, castles, beer and cars to name but a few but perhaps the most interesting is the culture of Freikoerperkultur. Also known as FKK, this German movement is all about celebrating naturism. Over the last years, FKK clubs have evolved to offer more of an adult style of entertainment. This means that in a lot of these sauna clubs you can now pay for erotic service. From Hamburg in the north, Berlin in the east, Munich in the south and Cologne in the west, there are hundreds of FKK clubs to choose from.

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Januar Schlagworte: partytreff dorsten pt dorsten www. Registriert seit: Juli Geile neun Std. Mein erstes Zimmer ging Gestern an Ola Polin wir haben eigendlich fkk club dorsten vom Box sport gelabert sie hat echt etwas anung. Top Hygiene hat vor dem Zimmergang noch mal geduscht Ich sagte ihr wie gut Gina war und wie gut sie aussieht Sie kennt Gina da war ich bei ihr unten durch aber trotzdem haben wir etwas gefickt Habe Laura beobachtet mit einem Stamm Stecher da werde ich vergessen haben das ich mit Cosmina ein Zimmer gemacht habe.

So war mal wieder ein toller Tag bei euch. Laura nicht das du bald verschwunden bist,Gina vom Verena ist auch verschwunden ich hoffe sie kommt wieder August Zitat edem Folgende Girls von der Home sind noch aktuell Roxana hat am Mo ein neues Tattoo bekommen sieht bestimmt geil aus,Cosmina und Magda Die anderen Girls von der Home gibt es wohl nicht mehr. Ich war nur einmal in Do habe nur 2 Zimmer geschafft in 3 Std. Schaukel Partytreff Dolce Vita Wagenfeld.

Freund Stammschreiber. Oktober Zuletzt bearbeitet: Oktober My last visit, which included a trip to Dorsten, was only a few days ago when I also met a new little blue-eyed lolita angel in her early 20s by the name of Ramona. My fellow friends from the States, who often go mongering with me together, also had good times with this tiny girls ass. Before I continue, I'd like to mention that it is not wise to go to this Treff when there is a party going on.

Too crowed for sure, and you'll probably only end up leaving with nasty bad aftertaste. For the lioshare, I used the English abbreviations for sex acts. You can find a list on internationalsexguide, e. Where I know the German equivalent, I used them instead for y'all's convenience.

Or at least, not willing to talk much in the case she fkk club dorsten talk these languages.

But as seen in the photos on their web-site. Always, I repeat, always in a Stimmung wie auf einer Beerdigung. Negative : always in a Stimmung wie auf einer Beerdigung, very arrogant bitch, looks and acts arrogant.

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Never smiles. Just look at her arrogant face in the pictures.

She clearly thinks she is the Romanian Heidi Klum; obviously, she never watched her face in the mirror. Acts like she is too good or too pretty to be a hooker lol.

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Fellow punters always complain about her bad service in the Zimmer. I have never met a punter who is happy with her. You may not touch her anywhere whilst you're having sex with her. She is a dead fish in the room and looks bored while getting fucked. Often keeps her top on. Even for Laufhaus, she would belong to the bottom of the barrel. It's like reading the financial times on Sunday! I made a big fight with her a couple of visits back and ignore her now completely. A girl like her gives the partytreff a bad name. I told the management that they should fire her. I have seen n00bies try to do friendly with her when she dances like she is Heidi Klum; the only thing she subsequently does, is to shake the hands of these guys off with her shoulders in an arrogant way as if they got HIV.

As for myself, I stopped the session fkk club dorsten did not want to cum.

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I'm not going to waste my sperma for a bored arrogant robot. But be assured, a cold bitch like her, you don't want to do her any favors! A real disaster. She looks better IRL than on the photos. A real fuck doll. Really delicious body and a good face, but don't be fooled, you don't want to mess with her as she has a very difficult personality.

She doesn't have an arrogant look on her mug like Denisa, but she does often look like she is extremely mad on somebody or of something. This makes her a NO-GO for future sessions.

Well, in my book at least. Negative : again, I always see her fight with customers. Not literally but verbally. Many customers are okay with the Laufhaus service she provides often leaves shoes on whilst making sex, leaves her semi-rainbow-ish Strupfhosen on, and accept her bad mood in the Zimmer.

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But then there are also customers like my friends and me who are not satisfied with her behavior and complain. Oh boy, oh boy, she get's into crazy fights with dissatisfied complaining customers, if they do not do what she wants them to do. It's like she is on a permanent rag menstruation every time I see her. With her also, the guys may often not touch her body whilst having sex.

And she is often jabbering the same partytreff shit to rush stuff: "schon fertig, immer noch nicht fertig, dein Schwanz kaputt, dein schwanz tod, du ausruhen, warum nicht spritzen".

I know I did not want to obviously. Don't let her fool you to go to the room with her as she seems nice in the living room, cuddling you and shit. You'll prolly regret big time and wast valuable sperma that you could've unloaded in on of the other cute girls little mouths more on this later. Don't let her fool you that she is from Portugal lol.

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What a bunch of crock. Clearly only said by her in order to up her value as a hooker lol.

Very pretty IRL. Absoultely bangin' body. Well curved.

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Well tended. Like Aria Giovanni. All from mother nature. Absolutely FKK worthy body just like the two girls from above btw, although Denisa to a lesser degree than Roxy. Many punters are happy with her service. It's okay. No complaining or bossy behavior on her part. Regular wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

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Even though she has a simple mind you can fool around with her a bit without feeling the need to go to the Zimmer with her. She has a perfect body. She alone drastically brings down the average rate in terms of looks in this treff. But who gives a fugg when you have to look at her such an ugly face in the mish. Negative : If there were female construction workers or firelady, she would be the prototype.

Honoustly, I think they should get rid of her due to her bad looks.