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Want to know what to expect? It endorses a naturistic approach to sports and community living. Well, if you turn up to a FKK sauna club in Germany expecting sports and community living, you could be in for a surprise! The reality is that most FKK saunas are popular for the sexual encounters that are extremely likely to happen there.

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I know some of my German friends would roll their eyes at me for saying that Germans love themselves a bit of mixed gender nudity. Ahh yes, the German nude spa topic, here we go. But upon visiting vabali, I think they totally do. At the very least, you will have heard of a nude spa Germany one way or another. And while some would simplify that the FKK movement was born as a form of resistance against the East German regime, nudism in Germany has its roots way further in history.

Berlin bathhouses & sex clubs

After doing a little research, what stuck with me most is the use of nudity historically as a way for people to free themselves from the religious restriction that has taught people to be ashamed of their body, and from the industrial society. Without clothes, no-one is a factory slave, everyone is equal.

In my quest to experiencing a culture to its fullest, I obviously decided I wanted to get naked in Berlin too and visit a German spa nude for the first time. My very first naked spa Germany experience! So after baring it all in Turkey in a gender-segregated hammam, I thought that visiting a nude spa Berlin — such place where all bares it all for all naked strangers to see — was the next step in my quest to undressing in as many countries erotik sauna berlin possible.

But I did want to experience a German nude spa anyway.

My german nude spa experience at vabali

So out with the bathing suit and in with the birthday suit. There are many options when it comes to a nude German spa experience in Berlin, and they all sound fantastic. Many luxury spas come with a full menu of beauty treatments and massage services.

Yet one kept cropping up in conversations whenever I was trying to figure out which naked spa Berlin was most famous for. Friends go to vabali spa nude. Dates go to vabali spa naked. Colleagues go to the German sauna nude. I was naturally pumped when I got invited to write a vabali spa Berlin review and visit one of the top nude spa in Germany. And while I love company, the thought of being completely nude with acquaintances in a hot tub in public made me somewhat nervous.

So I elected to go on my own for my first experience. And although vabali spa is not an FKK venue or a nudist resort, people there are nude in some outlets in the sauna room, steam baths and large pool area while some chose to cover themselves with bathrobes, kimonos or towels in the lounge area and restaurant, so it seemed perfect for my self-experiment. Ready for a nude German spa experience? Upon checking in at the front desk, I was given a set of instructions with a wristband, a towel, a cute little kimono and was directed to the changing room.

Perhaps the last few years of cycling and yoga have erotik sauna berlin me that extra boost of body confidence? Oh well. Once I managed to stop myself from staring at all the weiners dangling about nonchalantly, it felt amazing. Erotik sauna berlin very likely had the Berlin sauna mixed-gendered fist-timer stamp on my forehead, but hey…. It took me a little while to understand the daily infusion sauna schedule as it was only in German, and there are so many steam rooms with different minerals to pick from. Turns out, German nude sauna is serious business! So day passes are probably best if you want to get the full experience.

Kind of a unique experience. Whereas I came here to experience what a nude spa Germany was all about, at the end of the day, these were all very trivial points in the grander scheme of things. I had the most relaxing day ever with good food and sunshine and, if anything, being naked simply contributed to making me feel really awesome about myself and super relaxed.

Not what I expected! I got there at 11am and reluctantly left at 6pm because I had another engagement elsewhere. Make the best of it! They have the best fruit smoothies and great food! I opted for the classic full body massage and I honestly think vabali is one of the best massage places in Berlin.

All photos courtesy of vabali Spa Berlin.

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Many thanks for hosting me! Hello Amelie, Thank you for a great review of Vabali! It inspired me to visit the spa when I was passing through Berlin. Such a liberating experience — even for a guy! The atmosphere is very chill and classy and the staff is very helpful. Great blog in general, keep up with the product reviews as well.

And have a great stay in Berlin. Hi everyone reading, read, or will read, you may experience my style in berlin. This looks like a place we all need to visit to get spoilt rotten. This places looks fabulous. I visited a spa recently in Germany which looked similiar but did not require nudism. I am not sure how comfortable I would be with that as Brit but it might be a fun thing to try with my husband. Liberating at least.

Saving to flipboard until I pluck up the courage. Looks like you had a relaxing day! It was interesting to read about your experience and that you really enjoyed it. Maybe the weather will not cooperate when you return and you can snuggle in and read that book you have been wanting to read.

This place looks amazing. I would love to get pampered there!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Germans really are serious about there sauna. Looks like a seriously relaxing time away from the hubbub of the city.

Wow wow wow this place looks incredible! I think you have just convinced me to book a ticket to Germany next year! Love you photography too. Would love to try this whole day spa soon…It will be hard for me to leave this place by midnight hahaha i can stay here the whole day!

Wait… wieners?! You are SO brave! But it does sound like an amazing spa! Vabali is a tiny place with only a few aufguss ceremonies compared to huge complexes like Therme Erding near Munich. On the other hand it is among the coziest I have been in Germany.

I only missed a warm pool. The big one is a bit chilly to stay for minutes between the saunas. There are tens of therme in every bigger German city. It is bigger, with more aufguss ceremonies, but not as nice as Vabali. The natives and expats who have integrated here are sick of experiencing especially Brit and American tourists who come with the intention of watching animals in a zoo.

Wearing bathing shorts or covering yourself up with a towel in the sauna is considered an unclean practice.

PS If you are not yet aware, there are also some simple rules for using the sauna. Please try to take time to understand these before you go to ensure a great time. Heading to Berlin solo in October and will have to check this place out!

Sex saunas in germany

Strictly no phone allowed in the spa! I am already planning my trip there with my wire, she loves a spa… and is ok with being nude to a degree; i will of course inform her and see if i then travel alone…. A very typical prudish irish upbringing. I love getting nude with members of the opposite gender.

It is so empowering and great for self esteem. Everyone should do it. Hi, can you please say is it allowed to sunbathe nude, as it is not allowed to walk around nude i cannot be sure about this. Hello Amelie. Read your post a few months back. Very informative about Vabali Spa and spas in general.