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Verwendet wird Jes Expander auch zum Strecken gebogener Glieder. Jes Expander kann von jedem erwachsenen Mann angewendet werden. Wie funktioniert es? Als Ergebnis dieser Stimulation teilen und vermehren sich die Zellen.

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The front cap 5 accommodates the glans and is either provided with an opening 6 in the durchschnittliche penisdicke in order to allow conception if so wished by the couple or completely closed in the opposite case. Slightly elastic strips 2,3 are guided along the upper and the lower side of the penis 1 and held under tension by being ed to a ring 4to be positioned at the opposite end. The strips can be provided with a stimulative pattern like naps or a corrugated surface. The invention relates to a penis support for supporting the erect member and Stimulate male and female sexual pleasure during sex intercourse.

Many couples want a stimulant for various reasons lieren of sexual pleasure feeling.

For example, durchschnittliche penisdicke of these reasons can be found in it lie that the erectile ability of the man at least temporarily not for one complete erection of the limb is sufficient. But also less ificant Ursa such as the desire for sexual variety through use The use of special aids are reasons for the demand for additional stimuli aids.

Erection aids are known, which are in durchschnittliche penisdicke erectile tissue of the man in the be implemented and then either permanent stiffening of the limb effect or have a separate pump mechanism with which in the case An erectile weakness is a cylinder located inside the erectile tissue shaped balloon can be inflated. The disadvantage of these known erection aids is that they only work when they are on a medical indication can be used and an operati require intervention. However, this is for minor erectile problems and with only temporary weakness not yet necessary, so that in this case the known erection aids can not be used.

In addition to these surgically applicable, only in extreme medically indicated cases Erection aids used are in the case of only slight erection weaken a compression of the penis root of the almost completely eri known limb known. This creates a backwater, so that in the Abdominal erectile blood can stiffen the penis.

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A well-known version Example of this technique consists of a rubber ring that is placed around the erection the penis is placed, so that in the course of the then emerging Teilerek tion by the rubber ring in pressure on the lower part of the erectile tissue. The rubber ring is usually placed behind the scrotum, so that a Slipping of the ring is avoided during intercourse. In diesem Fall tritt dann ein medizinischer Notfall ein, der nur durch sofortige Operation beseitigt werden kann. These erection aids have the disadvantage, however, that an un pleasant wearing comfort occurs by pinching off the penis or penile skin and there is also the risk that if the rubber ring is too narrow, a Drainage of blood and swelling of the erectile tissue after sex traffic is no longer possible.

In this case there is a medical emergency, which can only be removed by immediate surgery. Finally, both erection aids have the disadvantage that they do have an erection can strengthen the man, but not on the part of the partner durchschnittliche penisdicke a ge increased anxiety.

Here, too, the desire is often expressed durchschnittliche penisdicke by varying the shape of the limb through the use of additional auxiliaries certain variety in sex life can be introduced.

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The object of the invention is therefore to provide a penis support which is inexpensive eng manufacturability and external applicability both the pleasure feeling of the man nes as well as the woman can increase. This object is achieved according to the invention by a penis support with one on the egg chel of the penis attachable bell, a support crossbar and one in the area of the The root of the penis attachable retaining ring is loosened, with the support crossbar on one side connected to the bell and with its opposite end to the hal terring is held.

Due to the configuration of the penis support according to the invention, it can now only be slightly erectile weakness or if the erection is fully erect If the pleasure of both partners is increased as desired. For this the penis support over the fully or partially erect member of the man pushed, it is held by durchschnittliche penisdicke retaining ring in the rear area.

Depending on The retaining ring can be placed in front of or behind the wish and de of the penis support The man's scrotum is arranged. By pushing the penis support onto the limb, the bell is placed over the glans pushed, which is connected to the retaining ring via the support crossmember.

Dea1 - support device for penis, comprising front cap, tensioned with upper and lower strip ed to ring - google patents

To this A thrust can be transmitted from the retaining ring to the bell, too if this would not actually allow the rigidity of the erect limb. At the same time, the shape and thickness of the material of the support crossmember and the Bell the expansion of the penis on the one hand and the sensitivity of the Woman can be varied when inserting the member equipped with the penis support. The three essential functional parts, retaining ring, bell and support crossbeam, can be formed by a common part or consist of individual parts that are interconnected, skin-friendly and non-allergenic are preferred Materials used so that irritation of the penile skin durchschnittliche penisdicke well as the mucous membranes the partner as a result of contact with the artificial material can be avoided can.

In addition, the material used should be used against conventional lubricants or other sexual aids as well as body excretions such as sweat or sperm male and vaginal fluid resistant. The support crossbar should be made of a slightly elastic material, whereby despite the elasticity, they transmit a pushing force from the penis root to the bell must enable a Ge even with a slightly flaccid penis intercourse remains possible.

From this requirement it follows that the support traverse on the one hand kink-proof and on the other hand resistant to congestion must be. Possible materials are elastic plastics or natural or synthetic rubber materials.

The material can be transparent or skin-colored be formed when the support crossbar is to be kept as inconspicuous as possible. Is if this is not the case, a colored material can also be used to achieve optical effects, for example, a red or a black material can be selected. The support crossmember can be formed by a cylindrical component, so that the the entire central area of the limb is enclosed by the support crossmember. Around however, despite the penis support, there is direct skin contact between the two parts In a preferred embodiment of the penis support, the Support crossbar formed by an upper and a lower durchschnittliche penisdicke, which along the Place the penis against the penile skin.

These bars durchschnittliche penisdicke vary depending on the strength of the selected material can be chosen to be relatively thin, with preference have a flat cross-section so they have little cross-section of the penis change. For example, with an attached penis support, an upper web can be longitudinal the top of the penis and a lower bridge arranged at the bottom be nice.

Die Breite kann beispielsweise 25 mm betragen. The width of the webs is preferably chosen so that it is slightly less than that Width of the penis, with either the penis support being offered in different sizes or the average penis thickness is used as a reference size becomes. The width can be 25 mm, for example.

The support crossbeam can do this probably on the inner side of the penis as well as on the outer side The partner's vagina with additional stimulation aids be seen structuring, for example, of cams or some other way th surface can be formed. The support crossmember should have both a pushing force and a tractive force in the course of the oscillating movement of the penis during intercourse on the over transferred the acorn pushed bell.

To do this, either the support crossbeam and the bell must be made from one part, both parts in one piece be connected, or also via a position defining in the longitudinal direction of the penis be connected to the bell. An example of a one-piece connection is, for example, a film hinge sufficient tensile strength so that both when inserting and when removing pull the bell's bell through one over the top of the support cross-bar transferred traction is moved. Also a firm connection between the two Durchschnittliche penisdicke are possible, with a connection that is as elastic as possible being preferred becomes.

The length of the support crossmember can be, for example, 14 cm, and also a two-part support crossmember in the longitudinal direction is possible, the subareas for Length adjustment are mutually displaceable. In the case of a particularly preferred embodiment of the invention, the support has traverse in the longitudinal direction of the penis not a flat surface, but at least a corrugated surface on one of the two outer sides.

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The wave width can decrease in the direction of the retaining ring, so that in the front, near the acorn Area a boring surface, and in the rear area near the ring very short-wave surface. In this embodiment, the retaining ring in the troughs are used, especially if the retaining ring is elastic Rubber ring is.

In this way, the retaining ring is displaceable in both directions cher connected to the support crossbar. At the same time, due to the corrugated surface, there is a particularly stimulating effect de Pressure distribution with simultaneous massage effect on both partners. Prefers the corrugated support crossbar is selected in connection with a support crossbar, which is formed by two webs, so that it is particularly easy and simple to manufacture Let profiles be used. On their sides, these profiles can form a flat Li never be flattened, so that there is a smooth contact edge to durchschnittliche penisdicke penile skin.

The In this case, webs can have a width of approximately 10 to 15 mm. This In addition to a stimulating massage effect, de has a special one Advantage that a sufficiently large area of the penis laterally from the support crossmember can emerge, so that a large contact area between the two partners is present without any foreign bodies in between. In this way, a sti mululating effect with a conventional feeling of contact. A detachable connection between the bell and the support crossmember can for example, be formed by a plug-in connection with a possibility of latching, the Rest option must be deed such that during the usual movement prevents the bell from being unintentionally pulled off the support crossmember becomes.

This configuration has the further advantage that in the course of Ge the bell can be removed from the support crossbar without the traffic Having to remove the support crossbar itself from the penis. Such a way to lose weight is particularly useful if the Support crossbar maintains its supporting function even when the durchschnittliche penisdicke is accepted can hold. This is the case, for example, if the support crossbeam of egg Nem durchschnittliche penisdicke piece of pipe is formed or if the front instead of the bell Edge of the support crossbar are held together by another retaining ring can.

In this case, the couple will be able to, despite maintaining the Support effect through the support crossbar in the course of traffic the glans to the feeling to reveal the increase.

The penis support is preferably not used for contraception, but rather has a On the contrary, a special possibility for the passage of sperm fluid in the Bell on. This passage can for example have a clear diameter of have about 10 mm, so that a sufficient opening is formed so that the Ejaculate can leak. The retaining ring can be formed by a common rubber ring that is on the penis is postponed, this either in front of or behind the scrotum positio can be renated.

Positioning in front of the scrotum has in particular the Advantage that the support crossbar is shot under the retaining ring without risk of injury can be used and can be connected to it. The diameter durchschnittliche penisdicke the Depending on the elasticity of the material used, the retaining ring should match the thickness of the erect penis.

Possible diameters are for example 2. For tensile strength Ver The support crossbeam can bind at its lower edge with an outward protruding support edge be provided, the transmission of a tensile force of the support crossbar on the retaining ring enables. Das Risiko einer Verletzung bzw. Due to the support crossbar durchschnittliche penisdicke under the retaining ring forms between the Penis and the retaining ring a surface pressure that in relation to the line press solution when using an insulated pressure ring is a much more pleasant ensures feeling and prevents penile blood vessels due to the lines pressure can be pressed.

Finally, the surface pressure can be ificantly larger re forces transmitted so that the contact pressure in relation to the insulated pressure ring can be reduced, which allows the penis support to be removed at any time.

The risk of injury or painful blood congestion is almost there prevented. The retaining ring can also be connected in one piece to the support crossmember, in particular the if the support crossbar is made of an elastic rubber material. Finally, it is also possible to turn the support crossbeam from the inside to the outside Fold the retaining ring around and close both layers together in front of the retaining ring connect.

In this case, the retaining ring is firmly connected to the support crossbeam, so if it cannot be opened or is made in two parts. Ein aufklappbare bzw. A hinged or two-part de of the retaining ring can, for example, as known from a women's bangle, formed by snap locks, whereby either in combination with an opposite t a snap lock is provided or the ring is formed in two parts, both ends the ring halves can be connected to each other via a snap lock. This Embodiment is more complex, but in any case enables the removable the penis support, even if blood congestion durchschnittliche penisdicke occur.

The bell can be used on its underside and in other areas measures to enable direct contact with the partner or particularly sensitive areas of the glans from excessive pressure nen. For example, it may be preferable to have an off in the area of the frenulum provision in the bell to ensure no pressure forces through the lower one Exercise edge of the bell.

The bell itself can be elastic on the support crossbar be stretched so that an outwardly projecting, front thickening the support crossbar is sufficient to pull the bell tight with the support crossbar connect. A common length of the bell can be, for example, 40 mm Diameter of the rear edge is approximately in the range of the diameter of the Retaining rings lie. The durchschnittliche penisdicke force required during traffic can, if possible staltung be applied over the glans, so that only the tensile force to He pull the penis support out of the partner's vagina using a form or rub conclusive connection is applied.