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To celebrate International Women's Day, we have prepared a list of Czech ladies who have made it to the very top in their fields of specialisation. March 8 What's New. The eighth of March is a day dedicated to women, and therefore we have selected eight ladies from a small country right at the heart of Europe who have made it to the very top in their chosen professions. You can about these and others right here.

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I completely lost my self-esteem. Elena, a year-old social worker, was sterilised against her will as a young woman. She is one of four Czech Roma women, all victims of involuntary sterilisation, who tell their stories in a theatre play called Stories that Have Never Begun. The play premiered last month in Ostrava, a city in the Czech Republic with a large Roma community. The systematic sterilisation of Roma women without their full and informed consent [PDF] — aimed at bringing down their high birth rate — was state policy in the former Czechoslovakia during the communist era.

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It was officially abolished in [PDF]but according to the European Roma Rights Centre, it continued throughout the s and s, with the last known case in the Czech Republic taking place in For more than 10 years, Elena has been active in a group of Roma women who have put this issue on the political agenda and have successfully fought to stop involuntary sterilisation in the Czech Republic.

They are also demanding financial compensation czech frauen what was done to them. Inthe Czech government expressed its regret over the illegal sterilisations. But last year it rejected a law that proposed compensation for the victims. As a lawyer she has been working closely with the women for almost eight years now, representing them in court. The play is based on the life stories of the four Roma women.

The stories are told by the women themselves, dressed in black. In a series of scenes in which the women are being interviewed by somebody playing the role of a journalist, they highlight the different ways in which they were coerced into sterilisation.

She said all the other women of the community already had it done. After that I was anaesthetised and then they sterilised me.

I only found out what had happened because afterwards there was a scar on my abdomen. When I refused, she threatened that they would take my children away.

She said my husband would lose his job. In the end I gave in to stop her pressuring me. At the end of the play, there is a scene in which Elena explains why she decided to speak out. In the audience there are many Roma women; some are visibly touched.

Among them is Jirina Dzurkova. She went through the same experience as the women on the stage. She is a tiny woman of 49, but looks much younger.

Not too long after the birth of my son I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was brought to the hospital and they decided to operate on me immediately. Some time afterwards she went with her son to the doctor for a regular medical check up.

When he explained to me, I was devastated.

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It was the worst day of my life. It took a long time before I summoned up the courage to tell my husband. We always wanted more children. When her husband heard what happened he wanted to go to the hospital to beat up the doctor who sterilised his wife. But he was so shocked. Inshe filed a complaint against the hospital, but the case was postponed many times before it was eventually dropped. They stole my dignity. Jirina was lucky that her marriage survived.

Some victims of forced sterilisation not only lost their fertility but also their husbands. Her husband divorced her after she was sterilised. He said: you did this on purpose, so you can cheat on me without any consequences. He said he was going abroad for one month, but he never came back.

I was lucky to have a big family. After the performance, Elena sits down in the open-air bar outside the theatre. She is a humorous, energetic woman with big brown eyes.

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Nobody said anything about sterilisation. When she was brought to the operation room, she was given a paper toshe says. But I was in a stressful situation. They were preparing the C-section and I was in pain.

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After the operation the doctor told her that he had sterilised her. He said that by sterilising me he had saved my life.

She cried when she heard the news. Several years later, inshe met a group of Roma women who, like her, were sterilised against their will.

Roma women share stories of forced sterilisation

She became their spokesperson. Fighting together with other women who went through this made me feel much stronger. The group organised a demonstration in front of the hospital in Ostrava where many women were sterilised. They also set up meetings with young Roma women to inform them about sterilisation and their rights.

Elena spoke three times before the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women — she czech frauen her last speech in February this year. She says she felt very insecure when working on it. I think this is a great way to draw attention to our case.

I felt so angry when the government rejected the compensation law. He says there are no data on the exact of victims. Among them are also non-Roma women: women with disabilities or with a lower social status. I still have hope that one day we will be compensated for what is done to us.

I will continue the fight. For sure. By Renate van der Zee. Published On 19 Jul 19 Jul Finding a voice For more than 10 years, Elena has been active in a group of Roma women who have put this issue on the political agenda and have successfully fought to stop involuntary sterilisation in the Czech Republic.