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The cramped rubber dinghy was drifting, directionless, with 53 migrants on board. The coast of Libya, from which the boat had set out, was 47 miles to the south and the nearest part of Europe was out of reach, about miles north. The boat was spotted shortly before on 12 June by a French plane. The plane's crew of volunteers had been scouring the Mediterranean for people in distress, and they alerted another rescue team on board a nearby charity ship, the Sea-Watch 3. The crew of the Sea-Watch 3 made their way towards the distressed dinghy and rescued those on board.

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Despite a legal ban, Carola Rackete headed for a port in Italy with refugees on board. A court has now decided to stop the investigation against the German sea rescuer.

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Enlarge image. A court had approved the application by the Agrigento public prosecutor's office to drop the investigation against the German sea rescuer. Rackete was arrested in Italy in June after she steered the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 with dozens of refugees on board, contrary to an official ban, into a port on the island of Lampedusa.

At the time, Rackete was accused of resisting a ship belonging to the Italian coast guard during the docking maneuver in Lampedusa.

Three days after her arrest, a court ordered the rescuer's release, arguing that she had saved lives through her actions. With the decision to close the investigation against Carola Rackete, the court in Agrigento, Sicily, "recognized the need to save lives," Rackete's lawyer Salvatore Tesoriero told the Adnkronos news agency.

As a result, attention was drawn to the rigorous immigration policy of the then Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini from the right-wing extremist Lega party. In September, Salvini had to answer to court on charges of deprivation of liberty and abuse of office, because in August he refused entry to the port of Lampedusa for six days for the Spanish rescue ship "Open Arms" with migrants on board. Source: spiegel.

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Carola rackete: how a ship captain took on italy's salvini

The original case against Rackete, however, remained pending. The case of the German activist attracted attention across Europe two years ago. Source: spiegel All news articles on You may like. Italian judiciary drops final charges against sea rescuer Carola Rackete.

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