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We want you to love your art! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it free within 14 days, no questions asked. Learn more. Location United States About I've spent many years as a professional comic book artist, but I have now expanded into oil paintings of many different subjects. Subject to credit check and approval.

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So, yeah…Brett, my youngest, graduated from high school in May. That was funded in two days thanks to some very generous support by some very cool people—many of you included! June saw me working hard to get it all together: get the comic as well as all the other goodies sticker, bookmark, trading card printed.

Tell them I sent you! July and August I taught considerable overload at the university. In August, I had five 5! Another spectacular artist and longtime friend Chuck Bordell has agreed to ink it!

Would love to see them all happen in ! With the woes at Marvel and DC, this seems to be a good time for independent comics to come out with some good content! Filed under familyProjects. It marked an entire year since my daughter moved out of the house and to La-La Land. L Hush.

I had Auburndale CityCon on my calendar for January, but multiple s to them have gone without a response…so I guess the convention is no more? I know I always walk out with near as many comics as I walked in with!

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This will be their 2 nd annual show, and the first one was so much fun and so well organized. It was hard to believe it was the first one. Plus, I just love Arkansas. Hoping to add a few more to the calendar and am hoping to add bordell sifi in GA and SC. Just hoping to hear positive things back from the organizers of those shows. Hoping this year is good to me for creative work, too. Leave a comment. Hopefully all of you reading my blog already know that. A short history of the day is written here by John Jackson Miller much better than I could attempt.

This is the fourteenth year for the annual event.

Wow, that was FOUR years ago. My how time flies. Very sad, because Heroes and Dreams was a very good store! You can see my pal Barry off to my right. This year I was honored to be a part of the creative assemblage put together by Aaron and his crew at Coliseum of Comics in the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando.

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To help matters, Avengers: Age of Ultron was playing in the theater right above us. Hundreds of folks turned out there, so I can only guess what it was like all over the US. The day was also made fun because I got to sit right next to my old pal Barry Gregory and son, Fox. Barry was there pushing his new comic John Aman: Amazing Man. It contains a short Civil War ghost comic based on a short story I wrote.

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When a burglary goes awry, the thief ends up with an orphan A young superhero is required to do his internship in Oxford, Mississippi. In a day when Christianity has been outlawed, what's a Christian superhero to do? The picture at the top of my blog was taken while I was the editor at The Piggott Times, a small weekly newspaper in Piggott, Ark.

You'll note on the bookshelves behind me at the bottom right, a "Chuck E Cheese" picture of me with my daughter, Brittany.

Just to the left of that shelf, you'll notice my old Linguistics textbook--Dr. Foster would be proud. On the shelf above that, it is difficult to see, but an Arkansas Razorback "hog hat" sits proudly. It is one of the originals! On the shelf to the left of that is a book on Lincoln--I'm continually trying to enlighten folks as to the evils of this former U.

You'll also notice the fan. The publisher was too cheap to spring for decent air conditioning, and in the hot summer months it was a literal sweatshop.

It all began with a de brief.

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