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Located on the bustling streets of Pampanga, this bar offers more than just accessible drinks. With a small ambiance, the bar houses only 40 guests at a time with 20 dancers and 12 waitresses to friendly cater to you. Thursday Night calls for a live music night where the owner, a long time Rock n Roll singer takes the stage and performs some classic singles followed by some beautiful piano playing.

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In this Angeles City Walking Street bar guide, we visited every single bar on Walking Street Fields Ave and reviewed them based on size, quality of ladies and drink prices. In this guide, you will discover the best bars both girly and regular in Angeles City so you can enjoy the nightlife to the fullest.

Disclaimer: ExpatKings does not promote the consumption of alcohol but rather recommends you consume non-alcoholic drinks to avoid potential problems while drunk.

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Please drink responsibly and take care of yourself and your possessions. Most of the bars are located near or on Fields Ave aka Walking Angeles city bars. Remember : You do not have to drink alcohol to visit a bar in town. Drink prices go back to the normal rate after 8pm. The main difference is you can choose your favorite girl and hang out with her for the rest of the night for a small fee. Most go go bars consist of foreign men sitting down with drinks in hand while young beautiful girls dance on stage. You can simply walk into any bar on Angeles City Walking Street and take a look for free.

Most bars put attractive women outside to encourage you to go inside. The biggest girly bar on Walking Street. Offers a huge selection of up to girls dancing on stage. Due to the huge selection of women, you will find some very beautiful ladies at this club. They come in all different ages, skin tones and sizes. There was a nice mix of foreign as well: Koreans, Europeans and Americans were enjoying the scene at this place.

One of my favorite bars on Walking Street. Good selection of around 20 girls dancing on stage at this place. The vibe is very cool and chill. Massive girly bar with almost girls there sitting around, walking on stage and chilling at the bar. The selection is excellent and I saw some incredibly beautiful girls at this club. The scene was relaxed and many of the girls really got a good laugh when I walked into the place.

Big selection of around 40 girls dancing on stage. I saw quite a few cute girls at this bar. Aura Bar is a mostly Korean bar. Had a decent selection of around 10 to 15 girls dancing. I saw a few very beautiful girls at this club. This is one of the cheapest Korean bars on Walking Street as well.

One of the bigger bars on Walking Street. This club has a huge dance stage with lots of girls on it. Probably the largest Korean girly bar on Walking Street. There was a huge selection of girls lined up on stage just standing around. Not just a bar, but a huge complex with 2 levels and a KTV bar on the 2nd floor.

Huge selection of around 50 girls standing on stage, plus an upper 4th floor level where you can sit and look down on the action. There are some very attractive girls on stage plus a good selection of ages and skin tones.

The crowd was mostly Korean, but I did spot a couple foreigners enjoying the scene. One of the biggest disappointments on Walking Street. The bar is very small and mostly older women were working there. This bar is very small and the selection was non-existent. They were closing down when I visited in the evening.

Angeles city bar scene overview

This is a medium sized bar with a fairly small selection of girls. Perhaps most girls arrive at night but this place definitely had some potential. Vibe inside was pretty good. Huge selection of girls inside with some very beautiful ones to admire. Angeles city bars really enjoyed the theme of this bar and it has arguably the best exterior de out of all the bars on Walking Street. A smaller bar with a decent selection of ladies. The vibe inside is nice and these girls were some of the more friendly ones on Walking Street.

This place is really hit or miss. A small bar with a limited selection of girls, however I saw some really beautiful ones as well. This place stood out and is an undiscovered gem in my opinion. Had a small selection of around 10 girls inside. Nothing too special about this bar. Very small selection of girls. Massive bar with a strip club vibe. This place has a big stage where several girls dance and pose for the audience. One of the nicer hangout bars on Walking Street. Had a decent selection of around 10 girls with a pool table area.

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A more traditional girly bar with only a few dancers on stage. This place was packed with older western expats. Smaller bar with a limited selection of ladies. Perhaps this place gets more crowded late at night. This bar was completely empty when I visited.

Perhaps I was too early. Small selection of around 10 girls on stage.

Decent place to hang out at. Most of the girls are average with a few very cute ones mixed in. Very nice bar with an American strip club vibe. Prices are a bit expensive but the quality is very high here. Want to move away from the bar scene but still meet beautiful Filipina women? Online dating is the 2nd best way to meet girls in Angeles City if you want to cut back on girly bars and nightlife.

We reviewed the best online dating apps in the Philippines so you can easily meet girls using your smartphone.

FilipinoCupid is the best overall dating app in the Philippines and you will also find a few bar girls using this app on the side to meet foreigners. Recommended reading for first time visitors to Angeles City. for more info.

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