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Beloved was a band that I never really got into. They were mediocre for what they were doing and living in the shadows of other bands playing similar styles of music in a much more dynamic way. They were like a less volatile version of Poison the Well or a less engaging Glassjaw. It just didn't appeal to me.

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Release Date: Tracklist. Album Rating: 4. These guys are good though. This looks really interesting, one of the only decent bands on Solid State. Probably will give this a listen. Very good review, enjoyed reading it. Good review, makes me wanna go out and find this now. I write how I talk and that's how I talk.

The album itself has more in common with the sound from The Chariots Everything is Alive Album Rating: 3. Awesome lyrics too.

It's so intense. Lyrics rule. Riffs rule.

Production rules. The most impressive thing about the production is the drums. Probably some of the best sounding drums I've ever heard. Guitar is a little low in the mix for my liking, but I love that the bass guitar dominates everything.

Extremely unique approach to production. Advent Naked and Cold 4. Review Summary: A category F5 whirlwind of intensity and destruction.

Rank: 0 for Kicked out and beaten down. Religions all have failed us now. Retaliating against the old with this bitter taste in our mouths.

Left alone, Naked and Cold. In the Christian bible, found in the Book of Revelation, it foretells a time when mankind will reject the Son of God, when Satan himself will rule this world. For any God-fearing man, this is a scary notion to behold.

With this, the world will fall into darkness and despair. But for those who have also understood this, it also advent nackt the second coming of Christ, when He descends from heaven onto the earth once again in glory to judge the human race in their final moments. So through all this bleakness, Revelations also finds hope through the desperation. Advent embodies a different perspective of Christian hardcore. Instead of subtle references to Jesus Christ and Apologetic messages scattered throughout their songs, Advent is unabashedly proud of their faith and are willing to challenge anyone who would question it.

A year later, Advent comes back to the studio and releases their sophomore album Naked and Cold.

But one of the most impressive improvements found in Naked and Cold is the frontman himself, Joe Musten. But in Naked and Cold we finally see Musten finding his niche on his vocals. Instead of trying to be separate with the band, Musten now utilizes his voice to follow along with the pounding assault of the guitars and also sounds much more confident in his abilities as a hardcore vocalist.

His voice resonates deeply throughout the entire record, never lets up, and never offers any respite. This dictionary definition of Advent is added to put this record into perspective.

Advent channels all the negativity, death and destruction that precedes the end of times into a musical form. Desperation, hopelessness, and no mercy for all ways of describing Naked and Cold; it continuously spirals like an F5 tornado, stuffed to the brim full of intensity and brutality.

It is such a treat to know that bands can start out average or even subpar and can take the advent nackt that plague one album and turn it around into forming a truly exceptional album. Advents future can only start to look bright from this point on. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Full of Hell Garden of Burning Apparitions. Regional Justice Center Crime and Punishment. Cult Leader Lightless Walk.

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